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Connecting Readers Rate Club Med for Singles

Playa Blanca, Mexico

By Susan Roberts

Oh what fun! Never have I had so much fun on vacation. From the minute I arrived at Club Med Playa Blanca, I felt welcomed and right at home. I travelled alone and chose to pay the single supplement to have a room of my own. It was only $124 on top of $1,299, which included airfare (from Vancouver), accommodation, all meals and most activities.

In Puerto Vallarta, a Club Med representative met me and other Playa Blanca bound vacationers. From the second I landed at the airport I was talking to fellow Club Meders, and by the time I got on the transfer bus I was sitting with another single traveller. From Puerto Vallarta, it's a three hour bus ride to Playa Blanca, and when we pulled into the entryway many GO's (Gentils Organisateurs) were waiting there clapping, dancing and passing out drinks.

Our rooms were carved out of the hillside on both sides of the bay. It was absolute paradise. Palm trees swaying, the surf gently rolling in, all in private seclusion. Within hours I had formed a "six-pack" with five other people. There was no problem meeting people; everyone was so friendly. And the GO's were an absolute hoot! Young, vivacious and ready to party.

You could literally eat (or drink) yourself into a coma if you wanted to. Fresh fruits. Salads. Vegetables. Pastas. Fresh baked bread, about 15 different kinds each and every day. A different array of fresh desserts every night. Free beer and wine with lunch and dinner. You could sit wherever you chose.

Each and every night the GO's performed skits and plays, and even us GM's (that's us—short for Gentils Membres) had a night when we joined them up on stage. Afterwards, it would be off to the outdoor dance floor where we did crazy dances, including the Club Med theme "hands-up." Then on to the disco to dance the night away.

If you survived the night you had a zillion choices in the morning: all kinds of sports from aerobics to water polo. Or maybe a circus workshop, or a day excursion (not that I ever wanted to leave the compound), or a beach picnic. You could do absolutely nothing at all but lie on the beach if you wanted, but I tried so many new things and met so many wonderful people, I had the time of my life. The six-pack are already planning to meet in Cancun or Turquoise. See you there . . . and Hands Up Baby!!

Cancun, Mexico

By Rita Silvan

I know this is not very original, but I wanted to share with your readers a delightful holiday I had at the Club Med in Cancun, Mexico. I had never gone to Club Med before and was leery of their "rah rah" and cheap sex reputation. But now I'm a convert. I have never met a friendlier group of people. From the word go you meet people in the sports programs or at social programs or meals. I met a variety of people from Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, France, U S, and Canada. I spoke more French than English.

I took advantage of their "wild card" sell-off program, where you pay a set fare then wait until two weeks before your departure to find out to which destination you are assigned. As you know Club Med will find a room mate for single travellers who want to avoid the single supplement. Accommodation was spartan, although the rooms that face the ocean have beautiful views. Some of the best room sections are "Opera" and "Mi Refugio." This Club was the first resort in Cancun, and it is situated at the tip of the island where you can enjoy quiet and privacy. The beach is very safe, and the few beach vendors are very polite and discrete. The only potential drawback for some people is that it is a bit of a hang-out for so-called "beautiful people," so someone not into that routine may have to work a bit harder to fit in. But the sports and social programs are great ice-breakers.

The sports instruction is A-1, as is the equipment. Day excursions are extra, but many can be arranged in town for less money than the Club charges. The bus to downtown is only three pesos and runs every few minutes. On the "hotel strip" you have plenty of American-style stores and restaurants, but 4 or 5 stops past downtown is where those who live in Cancun shop and eat.

Actually, I expected to dislike Cancun, and Club Med, but for a single traveler who likes sports and is open to meeting people, it really is, as you've been hearing for years, the ideal holiday.

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