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Solo Travelers Have Fun – Visit Spooky Spots on Holiday

By Diane Redfern

Old Haunts in North Carolina

Weird Wiltshire

Montréal Strange Occurrences

A fur trader, a Mohawk Indian, and a British General are among the spirits and spooks that hang out in the streets of Old Montréal. Visitors who join in scheduled ghost hunts throughout the summer months will learn of the city's legends, historical events, unexplained facts, and maybe encounter a specter or two.

In the waiting room were about a dozen women, all seated. Among them was Mrs R, in the same dress Twain had seen her in earlier. He went immediately to her, took her hand, and said "I knew you the moment you appeared at the reception this afternoon."

The woman was taken aback. "I was not at the reception," she replied. "I have just arrived and have not been in Montréal an hour." Now Twain was astonished. Later on, still perplexed, he wrote an article about the strange experience in Harper's Magazine, September 1895.

Planning These Spooky Holidays


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