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Paris Resale Shops – A Solo Travel Report

By Irene Woodbury

Every time I went to Paris, I looked for haute couture in all the wrong places. I'd sit for hours in smoky cafes, studying Parisian women, hoping to see traces of the legendary style shown in fashion magazines and films. But the vast majority of looks were pared down and polished, with minimal accessories – not the high voltage glamour I'd expected in Paris.

Then, on a recent trip, I decided to visit some of Paris' many resale (upscale second-hand) shops. Voila! Here was the distinctive style I'd been searching for – the dazzling designer creations usually seen in glossy magazines or expensive boutiques. Looking at, touching, and trying on these beautifully made items – in a hassle-free environment – was a "fashionista's" dream. Most of the clothes in these shops (known as depots-vente) are European or Japanese ready-to-wear, with a sprinkling of haute couture. Most pieces are fairly new and in good condition; some are brand new designer samples. They come in a variety of sizes and styles and generally cost a quarter to a half of the original price: You can pick up a $3,000 Chanel suit for $1,500 or a $1,000 Burberry coat for $250.

Men's Departments, Too

The shops are all over the city. Many have men's departments and most sell shoes, belts, bags, scarves, and jewelry as well as clothes. Although a few I visited had clothes that looked worn or faded and seemed too expensive, the best offered a good balance of designer ready-to-wear pieces and more affordable fashions from lesser known labels. Most of the shops are open Tuesday-Saturday; some are closed in August.

Four Favorites

My visits to Paris resale shops validated my lifelong fashion fantasies. Haute couture is accessible to me, and I don't have to be a duchess or a movie star to dress like the fabulously rich and famous.

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>> From Debra LeCompte. What a kool site you have! I have found so many neat web sites and blogs since I started researching for my move to Kuwait. Look what I found this morning! Con Fashions From Kuwait.

>> From Shelita Young. Thank you so much for sharing this information about the whereabouts and types of upscale clothing and their costs in "depots-vente" shops in Paris. They are better known as consignment shops.

>> From: Edna Ezonbodor. Fantastic! Very helpful. I have been looking for these shops for ages. Thank you.

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