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London on a Tight Budget – A Solo Travel Report

By Carol Perehudoff

The biggest mistake you can make when visiting London is to convert dollars to pounds in your head. At nearly C$2.40 (or US$2) to £1, this will result in an immediate feeling of faintness and a conviction that you should never have come.

The only way to enjoy yourself is to accept that a pound won't buy much more than a dollar back home, pretend the exchange rate is 1:1, and maintain this illusion until you get your VISA bill.

That said, there are ways to make a holiday in London, if not cheap, at least within the realm of reasonable.


This is always the biggest expense for solo travelers, but there is one appealing option. During vacations many universities open up their residences to vacationers of all ages.


Before departure, ask your travel agent for current Travelcard prices, which usually offer savings for tourists.


Food and Drink


Finally, if all this budgeting (and too much warm beer) has left you feeling bedraggled and not fit to be seen on trendy Kings Road, a hair cut at the Toni & Guy Training Academy at 75 New Oxford Street (Tube Station: Totenham Court Rd) will only set you back £5. In the UK, call 020-7836-0606 to make an appointment.

Now that's a hair-raising good deal.


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